Why C?

To some the choice of C as a programming language might look old-fashioned. In a way it is: C does not offer many of the nice features found in modern languages like Java or Python. The decision for C was a deliberate though, and for a couple of reasons:

  • C is the least denominator. Things written in C run everywhere
  • It is easier to develop bindings from any language to a C back-end than to back-ends in other languages
  • LibRCPS is rather tight, algorithmically complex code. C allows many low-level optimizations that make LibRCPS run with the speed and low memory requirements it currently does.

So should you need to integrate LibRCPS with a project written in another language, contact us about options on how to create the necessary bindings. Should you create your own interface, please consider donating it to LibRCPS so other people can use it as well (and you save yourself the maintenance effort).