Nov 20. 2008: precompiled version for win32

People keep requesting this, so i am now preparing precompiled versions for windows: contains version 0.2 plus some fixes for bugs that surfaced on win32, precompiled as a dll and including the xrcps.exe example!

Feb 23. 2008: librcps v0.2

This new version fully supports nonrenewable resources and fixes many errors and segfaults. check it out!

Nov 6. 2007: librcps v0.1 out!

After quite some time of bumming around I finally managed to clean up the code and release make a tarball of it. so here you go with the first public release of LibRCPS. This version does not yet contain many advanced features, but it is already capable of quickly finding very good solutions to quite complex problems! Please note that it is not advisable to use dynamic linking yet, as both the API and ABI will change a bit in the near future. I'd be glad to hear comments!

Octover 29. 2007: Subversion up

There is a subversion repository of the code at where you can get the current version (read only). Please ignore the whining about expired, wrong and fake SSL certificates (sigh)

October 26. 2007: Systems

I was at the Systems (a trade fair) and quite some interesting discussions with companies that sell project management software. Interestingly only one of them do metaheuristics at all, the rest either does no automatic schaduling or uses local heuristics from the 70ies...

Juli 20. 2007: Working on it again

After quite a while (where i had too mcuh other things to do) I started working on LibRCPS again. I hope to get this into a releasable form this year...

December 11. 2006: Autotools

LibRCPS now has basic support for the whole autotools toolchain. While i don't understand everything yet, i hope that this lays the foundation for greater portability in the future.

August 23. 2006: Puh....

What a stretch, but LibRCPS compiles again! Doesn't sound like much, but this is quite an achievement ;)

February 7. 2006: Refactoring

This isn't fun, but the code from my thesis needs some major refactoring to be suitable for the changes i have in mind (especially scalability to multiple CPUs). So I defined a new interface (opaque types hooray!) and will now work on massaging everything into using the new strcutures

November 15. 2005: Some work on the code

It has been a while, but i have recently read a couple of interesting papers on GAs and project scheduling and will try to incorporate these into LibRCPS.

March 11. 2005: Site up!

finally managed to get a placeholder up at this page, more to come soon!