The Modes Extension

The whole art of project management boils down to making the right decisions about how to do a certain project. The algorithm described up to now can help to define a schedule, but it cannot help you with other decisions, like how to do a single job. Unfortunately these decisions influence the scheduling process and therefore cannot be made independently. A simple example: You want to move a pile of gravel on a construction site and can choose whether you do it with one caterpillar in two days, or with two caterpillars in one day. The second option would of course hinder the second caterpillar from doing something other during that period. In some cases, for example if you have nothing else to do for the second caterpillar, you would want to use both. In some other cases, for example if it does not really matter how long you need to move the gravel, you would want to use only one. In order to incorporate this kind of decisions into the project scheduling problem an extension called "multiple modes", has been proposed and discussed. LibRCPS fully supports project scheduling with multiple modes.

For a more thorough introduction to scheduling with multiple modes, see the documentation section.