LibRCPS aims to be a versatile, powerful and fast open source library for resource constrained project scheduling. If you do not know much about the resource constrained project scheduling problem and how we define it, you should read our short introduction to RCPS. LibRCPS uses genetic algorithms to find solutions for your problems, a quite sophisticated method to deal with complex optimization problems.

Licensed under the GPL, LibRCPS allows you to use powerfully project scheduling in your open source project with maximum freedom and control. Should you have problems integrating a GPL library into your project, please contact us for alternative licensing terms

If you want to find out more about LibRCPS, and whether it is of any use to you, have a look at the list of features and the manual. Of course you can, and should, just get LibRCPS and give it a try! Should you have an problems, questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us.